Getting Started in Motivosity

As a new user to Motivosity, there are a few things you should do to set up your profile.

  • Upload your picture
  • Take the personality test
  • Add your Interests

To set up your profile, click on the 'My Profile' in the drop-down arrow at the top right of your screen.

As you fill out your profile, you'll be able to gauge how close you are with a fancy progress meter visible at the top left of your screen.

The interests are to help you connect with other people around you based on similar interests.

The personality test is a very short but very accurate test that will give you and others some insight into who you are. This information can be used to help you understand what to expect when interacting with others in the company.

From there, you'll want to put in information about what you do, where you're located in the company (Example: The Cupboard under the Stairs, or next to the drinking fountains) and what responsibilities you have within the company.

Lastly, you can select the frequency at which you receive communications from Motivosity about what's going on in your company and your team.