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FAQs for Manager Development and AI

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Can I turn the A.I. (Carl) off in Manager Development?

Not right now. We want to see how much value we can build from releasing an AI tool in Motivosity, and we need everyone’s help to use it and learn with us. At some point we will most likely create the option to turn it off. (in the meantime, you certainly do not have to use it)

Where does the A.I. pull information to make suggestions and create a summary of the 1 on 1?

Carl will pull information from previous 1 on 1 agenda items, notes and summaries (if you’ve been using Carl). He also pulls information from personality types, job responsibilities and more information listed on employee profiles.

Are my suggestions with Coach Carl secure?

Information provided to Coach Carl is maintained for 30 days to protect against potential abuse. It is not stored long term and is not used for any further training of the Large Language Model. The use of a third party language model falls under the same terms of use as Motivosity's other data sub-processors. Further information regarding how Motivosity monitors and controls the flow of data among sub-service providers can be found in our Annual SOC II Report.

Can I start a 1 on 1 meeting without my direct report integrating their Calendar?

We encourage our users to integrate their Calendar with Motivosity to continue the usage of 1 on 1 meetings. The direct report will not be able to access the 1 on 1 meeting without the integration connected to Motivosity.

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