Okta configuration

In Okta, the company's Okta administrator has to add Motivosity's application to the company's allowed application list. Follow the steps below:

- click on the 'Admin' button on the top right of Okta site to start the administration site.

- click on the 'Add Applications' on right side under 'shortcuts'. 

- Start typing 'Motivosity' in the search field. Then click on the Add button when you have found it.

- After you have added Motivosity to your company's application list. Then click on the 'Next' button on the 'General Settings' page.- The next step is 'Assign to People'. Here you can search for the users and user groups you want to assign to use Motivosity. Probably all of your employees should be added here. But if you are not sure who should be assigned and who not to assign, don't worry you can assign them later. If you are ready click on the 'Next' button and then the 'Done' button.- Now you are on the Motivosity settings page. First click on the 'Sign on' menu and the 'View Setup Instructions' button. Here you will see a short guide about Motivosity setup.

- The most important step here is to copy the XML document. You can find this under the second section. Paste it into the SAML metadata area of Motivosity in Setup->Add-ons. Also, you will want to configure a custom domain in Motivosity. The custom domain is what allows Motivosity to send the right auto-login information.

Click on 'Setup' at the top of the page. Once here click on number 10 'Add-ons'.

Now add your company domain. 

Last thing to do is to enter in your companies SAML Metadata. 

Motivosity Updates

With our latest update of Motivosity we added some new features!

These include:


We now organize the digital rewards by country. So if you have employees in other countries. This will help you to know which cards will work for them to receive. Only the cards listed under the country they are located in will appear in their store. So for those in Spain amazon and iTunes will show up in their store.


Now when you go to the store to buy an item or gift card you can instantly get the code. When you click on an item you can instantly type in the amount you would like to spend on it. After clicking 'Buy Now' the box will instantly turn into your order receipt. This will show you how much you spent and what the claim code is. It will also have a list of instructions on how to redeem your gift card. 

Now if you forget what the code was you can always click on 'My History'. This tab is located on the main page of motivosity at the top in the middle of the page. It is next to 'Awards' and 'My Team'. Once you have clicked on it click on 'Orders'. There a list of all the orders you have made will appear. On the right side of the order there will be in blue letters 'view now'. Click it and the 'receipt' will appear again with your claim code. 


There are two options to reset your password. You can type your email in on the login and click 'I NEED MY PASSWORD' and a password reset link will be sent to your email. Or you are able to click the arrow by your name in motivosity and request it there by clicking 'Change Password'.  


You are now able to see the top givers and top receivers. If you click on 'insight' and then go to 'Top Givers and Receivers' underneath 'Dashboards'. In the right corner you are able to select the time frame from which you would like to be shown the top givers and receivers. 

Announcements with Images


Admins and Managers have the ability to add announcements that have images.

To add an announcement, click the orange 'Make an announcement' button on the upper-right area of the home page.

Fill out your information and submit.

The image will be scaled so that the width is no greater than 600px and the height is no greater than 450px.To delete an announcement, click the delete icon in the feed.

Configuring SSO with Motivosity

Enabling SSO with Motivosity will allow your users to be auto-logged-in when they come to the Motivosity page. It's easy. This document will show SSO using Google as an example.

Create a Google SAML app

Go to your google admin panel (admin.google.com) and select 'Apps'. You will see an area to create a new SAML app....

From there, click on 'SAML apps' and then on 'Add a service/App to your domain'. Click that link and then at the bottom of the modal, click on 'Setup my own custom app'.

Download the IDP metadata. This will be an XML file. Keep this handy for later and click 'Next'.

Name the app and choose a logo. You can use this one if you want:

Enter the following information in your custom app and click 'Next':

ACS URL: https://app.motivosity.com/sso/saml

Entity ID: https://motivosity.com/

There is no need to do any more attribute mapping for Google. Click 'Finish'

Your SSO app is now ready on the Google side. Go ahead and turn it on for everyone.

Configure Motivosity to use your SAML/SSO Application

Log in to Motivosity as an admin.

Click on 'Setup' and then 'Integrations'.

Create a custom domain for your company. This is usually company-name.motivosity.com.

Copy and paste the contents of the xml file you received when you clicked on Google's IDP download into the SAML Metadata field.

Auto-login rules

You now have a custom domain like company-name.motivosity.com. Email notifications will point toward this domain. If your users go to company-name.motivosity.com, they will be automatically logged into Motivosity using your sso configuration.

If you are in a place where access to the SSO identity provider is not available, you can always go to 'app.motivosity.com' to login the old way.



Motivosity and Slack

Motivosity offers an integration with Slack. The reason for this integration is simple: Slack users do much of their communicating in the tool and recognizing someone from within the Slack application is a natural flow.

To enable slack for your team, go to Integrations under your Setup Page.

You should see a number of different things you can integrate with - go ahead and click on Slack.

You will now see an 'Add to Slack' button that will hand you off to Slack to finish the setup.

Next, you'll want to authorize usage and select a chat group where Motivosity appreciations will appear. (Example: #general)

Once authorization is complete, mv-slack will be available to your team. What this means is that team members can give recognition by typing '/mv' and then the recognition.

The format is as follows:

/mv Person's Name. Note of appreciation. $money #company value

The $money and #company value are optional. If you need help, type /mv help and you'll see the following image:

You can also see your current giving balance by typing this:

/mv balance

Auto-Funding your Digital Rewards Account

When deciding on how you want to manage funds for your digital rewards, there are a few variables to work with:

  • Threshold Amount - This is what you would want as a minimum balance
  • Auto-Deposit Amount - When the threshold is reached, how much more would you want to have on hand?
  • Low balance warning - If the balance gets below this point, send an e-mail to the Motivosity point of contact for your company

Motivosity has an auto-fund service that runs nightly. It will check your current account balance and update funds accordingly if necessary.

Motivosity will also try to make account balance corrections during an order if needed. If an order is declined due to insufficient funds, motivosity will look at the 'auto-deposit' and 'threshold' values you have set in your store setup. If they exist, an attempt will be made to fund the account so that after the order is placed, the current balance will be the threshold plus the auto-deposit amount. If that funding attempt is declined, the order will fail and the admin will be notified of the failed order. If it succeeds, then great!

When auto-fund is set up and someone places an order that requires more funds, the auto-fund kicks in and makes sure that after the transaction your account will still have a balance.

The calculation to know what you would be charged is:
new charge = orderAmount - current balance + auto-deposit amount + threshold

As an example:
Current balance: $200
Threshold value: $100
Auto-deposit amount: $300
Attempted E-gift order amount: $500.
In this scenario, a $500 order is more than the current balance of $200, so, motivosity will attempt to auto-fund the account with $700 so that the final balance is equal to the Threshold plus the Auto-deposit amount.

Benchmark Dashboard

We are happy to announce the new benchmarking dashboard. This dashboard will compare your culture drivers with other peer companies and tell you where your company fits.

The Benchmark Dashboard has two main categories: Activity and Engagement and Satisfaction.

Underneath Activity there are two categories:

  1. Appreciations Per Person - this is how many appreciations, on average, each person received in your company last month. A goal of 2.5 is recommended
  2. % Receiving Thanks - this is the percentage of people who received a thanks in your organization last month. A goal of 85% is recommended.

Underneath Engagement and Satisfaction there are six categories: These questions are based off of the survey that the users are asked to fill out 3/4 times a year.

  1. Appreciation last 7 days - Survey Question 1
  2. My Boss Cares - Survey Question 2
  3. Friend at work - Survey Question 3
  4. Loyalty to the company - Survey Question 4
  5. Company Referability - Survey Question 5
  6. Agree with company values - Survey Question 6

The dashboard itself contains comparison low score, high score, average score, your score, your percentile, and the target. Share this with your exec teams and let us know your interest in additional benchmarks.