Setting up Milestones

Motivosity allows you to define milestone awards and gifts for people in your company. Milestones are Birthdays and Hire Date Anniversaries. On those dates you can define a cash amount that will go in the employee's 'You Can Spend' bucket, or a gift that they will receive.

Gifts for Everyone

When you click on the link to create an award, you are presented with a choice: will this current group of awards be for everyone, or belong to a specific country.

Clicking 'OK' on Everyone and then clicking 'Add birthday award' will begin the process of creating a birthday gift that will by default go to everyone in the company. Supposing we created a birthday gift in this group, the result would look like this:


Multi-Country Support

You can also direct gifts toward specific parts of the company.  Consider the following set of milestone awards:

In this example, everyone in the company will receive $10 on their hire date anniversary unless there is something more specific that overrides it. In this case, employees in the US would get $25 on each hire date anniversary and employees in UK would get $1000 on year 5, but $10 on other years. Additionally, employees in the US and UK would receive $25 on their birthday.

All of these awards above are cash-based, but just as easily be actual gifts that are awarded.

Creating a new Award

To create a new award, click on the purple plus icon. You will see a modal such as this:


This shows that a new anniversary gift is being created. Rather than cash, we're selecting something from the list of locally-managed awards.

In this example we are deciding that this award will not be given every year, but will be given on the employee's third hire-date anniversary and it will replace other gifts that would happen on that year (such as the $10 for everyone in the example above).


As you define awards, your estimated budget for the current calendar 12 months will appear on the right. This amount considers which employees have hire date anniversaries that coincide with the awards defined and their associated costs.