Inviting Your Team

On the invite team page, there are several components:

  • An org chart
  • An add user button
  • An import from excel button
  • A toggle between org chart and list view

To start adding users, you can either import from excel, or start typing them in.

The Excel Import

The excel import allows you to download the current template. This template will contain all of the users currently in Motivosity and will give you the format for adding more.

Note: the payrollID is expected to come from your HRIS system. When you have added a user with a payroll ID, Motivosity uses that information to match users for subsequent updates. It is required when importing from excel that you use actual payroll ID information to prevent problems down the road.

Companies typically sync with their HRIS system on a regular basis, so it is expected that what gets imported represents your entire organization. When you do an import, Motivosity looks for matches first on payroll ID and then on email if no payroll ID information exists. When it finds a match, it updates the existing user with current information. If if doesn't find a match, it creates a new user. If there is a user in the system for which no match was found, then Motivosity follows your instructions to either do nothing, disable, or delete the account. We recommend that you choose the delete option unless there is a chance this person could come back to the organization soon.

Note: Motivosity does not process the birthday year. If you upload employees and use their full birthday from your HRIS system, Motivosity will process the day and month of their birthday and will ignore the year. When you export an excel template, the date format will be Month/Day such as 1/25. It is OK to upload an excel or CSV with 1/25/72 or 25/1/72 depending on your location in the world. 

Org Chart View

The org chart view has an 'Add User' button at the top. Click this and fill out the information.

The 'reports to' field is a typeahead field and can be blank or should have an existing user selected.

If you are an admin, you can make additional organization changes by dragging nodes to other nodes and saving.

You can also navigate the org chart by scrolling, right-clicking on nodes to zoom in and out.