Account Status

When you first set up your Motivosity account, it is in a state called 'Paused'. When your account is paused, no e-mail is sent and only admins can log in. The reason for this is to give you a chance to get everything just right before going live.

Typically companies will import their teams, go through the application setup and then time their click of the 'running' button with an official company launch.

When you click the 'Running' button the following things will happen:

  • All users will have their giving cash refreshed according to the rules you defined on the 'Giving' page
  • Everyone who has never logged in will receive a welcome e-mail
  • All services will resume. Some of the services include generating monthly giving cash, notifying teams of upcoming important events, sending digest messages about what's new, and updating leaderboard points

An account that is running has a green indicator

It is possible to switch back and forth from 'Running' to 'Paused'. In fact, many companies follow this process when evaluating Motivosity:

  1. Set up a sample environment with some cash, just the 'regift' option in the store, and the company values
  2. Invite 20-30 people from an area of the company to use Motivosity as if it were real (just Monopoly money of course)
  3. Go live by clicking 'Running'
  4. Gather feedback in two weeks and decide that you really had no idea Motivosity would be so awesome for your company.
  5. Pause the account by clicking 'Paused'. At this point, all of the test users cannot log in. They are presented with a paused screen explaining that the application is paused and that they'll be notified when it goes live.
  6. Reset the trial data - this keeps all the profiles and interests, but removes all the existing appreciations
  7. Import the whole company
  8. Plan a launch event (can be as simple as an introduction in a company meeting where you talk about your committment to culture and appreciation)
  9. Click 'Running' when you are ready. Everybody gets a welcome notification and a notification about their cash giving.