New Local Rewards Functionality

Added functionality as been added to local rewards. You can now decide whether to track inventory as well as set variable pricing. The screenshot shows an overview of what it will look like when you go to create a local store item.

Tracking Inventory

When you click 'Yes' to tracking inventory the quantity box will show up and you can type in how much of that item you have in your inventory. When the quantity reaches 0 this item will be removed from the store until you update the quantity. If you don't want to track inventory on an item then you can click 'No' and the quantity box will go away. This will keep the item in the store at all times.

Fixed and Variable Pricing

With the fixed pricing option you will be able to add multiple pricing options by clicking 'add more options'. This would be useful if you have multiple restaurant gift cards for different prices. Instead of making multiple store items you can make one with this feature.

In the store, this item will have a drop down box that shows the different prices as shown below.

When you click the 'Variable Price' option you will be shown the fields below. You will be able to set a min and a max price as well as the item description.

When a user goes to purchase this item from the store they will have to enter an amount between your min and max price that you set. If a user tries to click buy now with an amount that is below or above your min or max then they will be prompted to enter an amount between your min and max.