Deleting Users

How to  Delete a User.

There are two ways to delete a user. You can delete them from the org chart by hovering over the persons name. If you slide your mouse over the users picture a little pop up will come up (Do not click the user). All you need to do then is click "delete".

The second way you can delete a user is by clicking "Insight" at the top of the home page. Under the side tab "Reports" click "User Management". There a list of everyone's names will come up. If you have too many users to scroll through or if you would like to just search their name. You have the option to sort through them based on a department or by name. In the corner of the screen directly across from "User Management" there is a tab that says "Showing content for All". If you click this you are able to refine the results. Then just click update.

Once you are able to find the user that you would like to delete. Put your mouse over their name. On the right side of the screen a little trash and pencil will appear.

Click the trash and then you can delete the user.

If the user you are trying to delete is in charge of store items, this will happen.All you need to do is click the box that says "Do you want to replace the manager?". Then after you click the box another box will appear under the check mark. There you can type the name of the person you would like to then take control of the shop or that item.

What about unspent money?

If the user has any unspent cash, an order will be created. The order will be called 'Terminated Account" and will appear in your order reports. The amount of the order will be for the remainder of the user's cash. This results in the user having a $0 balance.

Some companies ignore unspent money when they terminate employees and some companies put that money on a final paycheck. Either way, once you have addressed this you can mark that order as 'done'.

What about tax-related data?

After you delete a user, all tax related data will stay in the system. For example, in the 'Cash Received Summary' report, you will notice users whose names are in parenthesis. These are users that have been deleted from the system.

If you did not mean to delete a user click here.