Satisfaction Survey

The satisfaction survey will appear 3-4 times/year for each person in Motivosity.

In the survey there are 4 standard benchmark questions. These questions are common across all companies and are used for anonymous comparison reporting (e.g. How is my company doing vs other companies?)

Unless you choose to make your own survey by questions. For further assistance please go to this page.

The survey itself is anonymous and there is no way to know which user recorded what score. However, results are grouped by department. If there are fewer than three people in a department, the results are attributed to a department called 'General'.

The survey results can be viewed on the 'Satisfaction Survey' dashboard in the 'Insight' section of the application. By going to 'Insight' then under column 'Dashboards'. Then click on 'Employee Satisfaction'.

On the bottom of the employee satisfaction page it will show you how many people have participated in the survey. Make sure you have the correct time period you desire on the top right of the screen. (Where it says 'showing results for').