Getting Rewards

All the Motivosity bucks have been collecting in your 'You can spend' box. To spend them, click on the green box to go to the store. (or the store tab in the upper left of the application)

The store has three areas:

  • Digital Rewards - Gifts that you can purchase and redeem electronically (like an gift card)
  • Charitable Rewards - Causes that your company supports which you can donate to
  • Local Rewards - Things specific to your company that are managed by your company

Once in the store, you can spend up to as much as you have in your 'You can spend' box. Some items have a variable price. When you click on those, you can choose how much to apply toward the item

Some items have a fixed price. Clicking on the small box with a price on it will add the item to your cart.

When buying local gifts or charitable rewards, Motivosity will notify the person who manages each particular item and they will get you taken care of.