The WDYA Widget (with SSO support)

The WDYA Widget (or 'Who do you Appreciate' widget) is a small HTML snippet you can paste onto any webpage and give appreciations.

To use this widget, just paste the following into your web page:

<div id="mv-wdya"> <script type="text/javascript" src="" defer></script> </div>

What will appear in your page is something like this:

This is the widget at rest. When you click on the field, the widget will expand and allow users to create an appreciation right from the widget itself.

This widget also supports sso. If you have your service already set up, add a parameter called 'sso-url' to the script tag.

Put your SSO provider url in as a the value (like sso-url="https://sso-location-url"). You may need to contact supportĀ for additional help with this.