How much should the monthly peer bonus amount be?

A common question among companies trying to drive culture is around how much to give everybody for that monthly 'You can give' allotment.

The short answer is that you'll see definite improvement in morale and high user participation in Motivosity if you do at least $5 and couple that with access to the digital rewards (like the gift card).

We see companies doing from $0 to $50 for their people. Companies that do $0 still have an improvement over the status-quo, but do not see the same benefit as companies who back their committment to high-performance culture with a little money.

As you budget for this, keep in mind that typically about 80-85% of the allocation is actually given across the company. So, if you're Motivosity giving budget is $10,000 for the year, plan on $8,000 of that being used.

Common questions

Q - Won't people just abuse the system by tading money with each other?
A - The vast majority of appreciations we see are heart-felt and honest. Remember, this is visible up the chain. When you can spot those who would be an anti-culture in your company, you can coach them better. Motivosity has tools such as the recognition graph that will help you spot people who trade money, or departments who are superficial.

Q - What if someone doesn't give all their money in a month?
A - It evaporates. There is no rollover month-to-month. The intent here is to create a cadence of regular daily appreciating happening throughout your company.

Q - Can we have an approval process for appreciations so things don't get out of hand?
A - Gen X management often worries about the various potential ways things can get out of hand. Our advice is to relax and smile - this is territory that might seem uncomfortable at first, but your culture comes from the top down - you need to set the example in this brave new world of millennial engagement. This means trust, relationships, community, and recognition. Requiring an approval for people to say thanks is an anti-culture. That said, if someone says something offensive, as an admin you have the ability to delete that recognition and rewind the flow of funds.