Last Thanked Widget Update

The 'Last Thanked By You' widget found on the right sidebar of the home page is very useful in making sure you keep up with thanking your direct reports and peers.

Those without Direct Reports will only have the 'Your Peers and Boss' widget. The red plus sign means you haven't thanked that user in awhile. Clicking the plus sign will automatically open up the appreciation tab with that user as the receiver of the appreciation.

A key part of this widget is the part where managers can see the percentage of their direct reports they have thanked this month. As you can see, Leslie has thanked 1 of her 2 direct reports or 50%. This percentage is the same as the data that shows up in the Manager Coverage dashboard in the Insight tab.

For those with many direct reports or peers you will be able to scroll through them as to not clog up the sidebar.

Manager Coverage Dashboard

The Manager Coverage Dashboard will give you an overview of manager's eNPS scores and the percentage of their team appreciated. Admin's and managers (those with direct reports) have access to this dashboard in the Insight tab. Managers will be able to view the data for themselves and downward, while Admin's will be able to view all company data.

When you click on a managers name it will expand to show any managers below them. Each color represents a different score based off the scoring breakdown in the top left corner.

Manager eNPS

A manager's eNPS score is the percentage of promoters subtracted by the percentage of detractors for your specified eNPS question in the survey. This dashboard will show a rolling 90-day capture of each managers score. This is why the default filter is 'Last 90 days'.

You can also change the filter to change the time period like any other report or dashboard, but just remember that any date range you choose it will show the data for the date you chose and the previous 90 days. For example, the current month is October and you want to change the filter to last month. The data will show the eNPS score for the combined data from September, August, and July. This is to ensure there is enough data to provide a good sample size

Manager Appreciation

The Manager Appreciation part of this dashboard will show each manager and what percentage of their team they have thanked within the last 30 days.