The User Profile

The user profile helps people get to know who you really are.

To edit your user profile, click your name in the upper-right corner of the application, or select 'My Profile' from the dropdown.Once you are in your profile, update information in each of the sections. When the information is filled out, you will  see the status indicator change from 'incomplete' to 'complete'.

About Me

Your birthday will only display as month & day for other users. If you would prefer that nobody receive any notice about your birthday at all, set the checkbox to 'Private'. If you don't want to receive a company gift on your birthday, set the 'No Gift' checkbox.

My favorite quote is a place for you to share your favorite quote with your co-workers.

You cannot edit your own email or hire date. Please ask your Motivosity admin for changes about this.

My Interests

Adding interests will help you connect with others in the company. If you click on the blue number on the left side of the interest tag, you can quickly see who else is part of that and even send a note to everyone in the group.

My Personality

When you take the short personality test, Motivosity will tell you who you are like in the company. Motivosity will also help you understand differences between you and other people so that you better understand how to work together.

My Responsibilities

What are you responsible for that is not reflected in your job title? Add these as short comma-separated terms that will appear in searches done in the search bar

My Preferences

Control the frequency of email updates and the scope for what updates you want to receive.