Appreciation Disclaimer

This optional feature will set up in Motivosity Setup Section 1. Preferences under your Feeds preferences.

It allows the administrator to set up a disclaimer to be shown under the appreciation box any time a user appreciates a co-worker.

The use case could be to encourage employees to try to be genuine and specific with their appreciations or a reminder of guidelines for compliance. If you decide that you want to use this, do your best to let the message lend itself to the culture and values you are trying to strengthen.

Download Raw Survey Data

If you have ever wanted to get the data that we use in our Surveys Dashboard, you would have come up empty-handed. No longer!! Now if you look at the Satisfaction Surveys Report, you will see this new 'Download Raw Data' button:

When looking at this data, something to keep in mind is that when the Supervisor appears as '--', it means that the supervisor does not have at least three direct reports, so the survey data has been anonymized further.

New Local Rewards Functionality

Added functionality as been added to local rewards. You can now decide whether to track inventory as well as set variable pricing. The screenshot shows an overview of what it will look like when you go to create a local store item.

Tracking Inventory

When you click 'Yes' to tracking inventory the quantity box will show up and you can type in how much of that item you have in your inventory. When the quantity reaches 0 this item will be removed from the store until you update the quantity. If you don't want to track inventory on an item then you can click 'No' and the quantity box will go away. This will keep the item in the store at all times.

Fixed and Variable Pricing

With the fixed pricing option you will be able to add multiple pricing options by clicking 'add more options'. This would be useful if you have multiple restaurant gift cards for different prices. Instead of making multiple store items you can make one with this feature.

In the store, this item will have a drop down box that shows the different prices as shown below.

When you click the 'Variable Price' option you will be shown the fields below. You will be able to set a min and a max price as well as the item description.

When a user goes to purchase this item from the store they will have to enter an amount between your min and max price that you set. If a user tries to click buy now with an amount that is below or above your min or max then they will be prompted to enter an amount between your min and max.


Editing and Deleting Appreciations as an Administrator or End User (Update)

Previously, if you needed to edit or delete an appreciation, you would have to scroll down through the feed on the home page to change it.

That could become very tedious very quickly when many appreciations are given within a company. To make this easier for all users, you will now find these functions on individuals profiles.

As an average user, you can only edit appreciations that you have given. If you go to 'My History' and select the 'Giving' tab, you will see a list of everything you've said thanks for and will be able to edit or delete it.

As an Administrator, you have the ability to view both Giving and Receiving on any user's profile. From there you will be able to delete any appreciation.

Transitioning to Internal Funding via Motivosity ACH

There is currently a transitioning period going on for how you can fund your Motivosity store. We are transitioning from funding via Tango to being able to fund internally in Motivosity. This is why you may be seeing a 'Tango Balance' and an 'E-Gift Rewards Balance' in your 'Funding' page.

What is the difference between the two balances?

Tango Balance: This is the amount of money left in your Tango account. This is the old process that the store was funded on.

E-Gift Rewards Balance: This is your new balance via funding in the Motivosity platform.

When a user redeems a card in the store it will first be pulled from the Tango Balance. When your Tango Balance reaches 0, the system will automatically start pulling from your E-Gift Rewards Balance.

You are more than welcome to keep funding via Tango, but we believe the new process is a lot easier as you do not have to contact Tango to fund your store.

To add funds to the new E-Gift Rewards Balance you need to add a credit card or bank account under the 'Funding Sources' header.




Once you have a credit card or bank account in the system you can add funds to the E-Gift Rewards Balance by clicking the blue money sign button.

Mulit-Factor Authentication (MFA)

As an admin, certain actions in Motivosity will require a MFA password. You can create or change your MFA password in the Preferences page in the Setup tab.


One such function that requires your MFA password is adding a credit card or bank account into Motivosity. When you click on one of these functions, you will be prompted to enter your password. Once you enter your password correctly, you will see a timer at the top of the page(see screenshot below) that tells you how much time is left on your MFA token. Once the timer ends you will need to re-enter your MFA password before completing any function that requires the MFA password.

To change your MFA password you will need to type in your current MFA password before setting a new one. This password is very important, so make sure to remember it!



Using the Motivosity Staging Environment

When using and setting up Motivosity, there might be times where you want to try something out without actually affecting your live data.

We've got just the tool for you! will allow you to give appreciations, upload your team data, and play around with any other aspect of the Motivosity system in a non-destructive manner that will reset each night based on where the live system left off that day.

If your domain is you can use

If you are testing APIs, the URL is now Please note that you can test SSO on sandbox by building a configuration that returns to while on the sandbox site.

Some things to note:

For the most part, the sandbox looks and functions exactly like the live system. However, you will not be able to make purchases in the store in the sandbox. You will also not be able to see profile pictures/background photos, but will see default icons instead. Remember, everything you do in the sandbox will reset overnight, so any testing you do, you'll want to ensure is done within a day.


New Motivosity Tax Summary Report

Motivosity is always trying to create new ways to make your life easier.

As an administrator or finance administrator of your company's Motivosity account, you will now have access to a new report that allows you to see a detailed history of redeemed cash broken down by type. These types are eGift, Local, Anniversary, and Birthday. Re-gift and Charitable donations aren't reported because they don't have any effect on each employees tax return.

Keep in mind that when dollars are being thrown around in the system, it acts like monopoly money up until the point that it is redeemed. At that point, it is considered taxable.

If you go into your insights page, in the left-hand column you'll see the Tax Summary report. Click on that and you'll see your company like the image below. NOTE: Make sure you select the right time frame in the 'Showing results for _______' drop-down menu.

When reading the report, 'E-Gift' and 'Local' will show amounts redeemed by employees. This is important because like a wise man once said... "A dollar spent is a dollar taxed."

'Anniversary' and 'Birthday' will only show amounts if your company has decided to award physical items on these special occasions through Motivosity. For example, if you give each employee a 300$ watch once they hit 5 years, 300$ will show up under Anniversary. If you had a company t-shirt for each birthday, the dollar amount linked with that shirt would show up under Birthday.

The 'Total' section just adds up the other four for you, giving you a total taxable amount from the selected period inside of Motivosity. Legally this report should be run once per year and tacked onto the employees' W-2.

For more information on how Motivosity and taxes work together, please read the document below.

Motivosity and Taxes


Force Delete User Function

When you delete a user, their account will continue to exist for three days in the Deleted User Report found on the Insights page of your administrator account.

Sometimes you really just need a user gone forever NOW!

If that's the case, go to that Deleted User Report found on the left side of your Insights page.  You should see something like this.

Press that red Force Delete button but be warned, if you go through with this, it is non-reversible! 

Just to double check, you'll be prompted to confirm the action. If you press yes, they'll be gone for good.

ADFS Configuration Instructions

  • Microsoft Windows server 2008 R2 or higher, running ADFS 2.0 or higher.
  • Your ADFS server must be publicly available (NAT translation or using a federation proxy/Web Application Proxy) for users to authenticate outside of your local network.
  • Instructions are based on ADFS 3.0. For ADFS 2.0 servers, you may notice some slight differences in the configuration.
Configuration Instructions:

Customize your Motivosity domain name (for this example, we’ll use “abc”). Logged in with administrative rights, go to Setup > Preferences and choose your domain name.

Export your ADFS XML federation metadata. This is typically available at the following URL:


In Motivosity, navigate to Setup > Integrations and paste the XML data into the SAML XML text box.

Log into your ADFS server with administrative rights.

Open the ADFS administration console.

Navigate to Trust Relationships > Relying Party Trusts.

Select Add Relying Party Trust.

The Add Relying Party Trust wizard will open. Select Start.

Select the option to Enter Data Manually.

Provide a friendly display name and any notes desired.

Select the ADFS Profile for compatibility with SAML 2.0.

Click Next at the Configure Certificate page (skip this step).

At the Configure URL step, select Enable support for the SAML 2.0 WebSSO protocol and specify the URL in the Relying party SAML 2.0 SSO service URL field:

At the Configure Identifiers page, enter and select “Add”. You will also need to add for Test and for Production.

At the Configure Multifactor Authentication Now? step, click next (skip this step).

At the Configure Issuance Authorization Rules step, select Permit All Users to access this relying party.

Select the check box to Open the Edit Claim Rules dialog for this relying party trust when the wizard closes.

Under the Issuance Transform Rules tab, click Add Rule…





From there you will want to select 'Transform an Incoming Claim" under Claim rule Template

Next, supply a rule name. For Incoming claim type: - select “UPN”. For Outgoing Claim Type: - select “Name ID”. For Outgoing name ID format: - select “Email”.

Click OK. Click Apply and OK to exit the claim rules configuration.

Navigate to your custom domain ( This should redirect you to login on your ADFS page. Upon successful login, you will be redirected to your Motivosity portal.