Manage Cash

The Manage Cash page allows admins to make adjustments to both the giving and spending balances throughout the company or for individual users. This page is found by going to your Admin Tools. There are 5 main functions that you can do on this page(Global Giving, Global Spending, Individual Giving, Individual Spending, and Match Rules). We will highlight each function and how to use it.

Global Balances

Here you can make adjustments to the give or spend balances of every user. The number that you put in will be applied to all of the users balances. Only a positive number can be put for Global Giving and Spending. This can be useful if you want everyone in your company to start off with $5 to spend or if you want everyone to receive a $100 Christmas bonus.

Individual Balances

By typing in the name of a user you can make adjustments to their giving or spending balance. Putting a positive number will add to the selected balance and a negative number will take away money from the selected balance. The note and adjustment that you make will appear in the users ‘My History’ tab under ‘Cash’. This tool can be useful when a specific user wants more cash to give or you want to give an individual a special cash bonus that is outside the scope of a normal appreciation.

Match Rules

Clicking the Match Rules button will update the current giving rules to match what you set up in the Peer-to-Peer Giving page of Setup.

BambooHR Integration Setup

Setting Up Motivosity with BambooHR

Step 1: In Motivosity go to Setup->Integration. Click on the ‘Create BambooHR Webhook URL’. This will do two things: 1) Create an authorized Bamboo HR access token in the ‘API Authorizations’ list and 2) Generate a URL that you will copy and paste into the Bamboo Webhook Settings area.

Step 2: In Bamboo->Settings->Account->Webhooks, click on ‘Add Webhook’

Step 3: Name the webhook and choose the following fields to monitor:

Step 4: Choosing the following fields to post:

Personal, Employee #, Status, First Name, Last Name, Preferred, Name, Birth Date, Work Phone, Work Email, Hire Date, Job, Department, Location, Job Title, Country, Supervisor EID, Supervisor ID

Step 5: Choose 'JSON' as the format

Step 6: Paste the URL from Motivosity Setup->Integration->BambooHR into the 'Post to URL' field.

Step 7: Decide on frequency. We recommend choosing '6pm' under 'Hour'. This will cause data to be synchronized every day at 6pm.

Configuring and Using the Motivosity Google Chrome Extension

Now that your Motivosity account is up and running, there are some sweet things you can do to enjoy and streamline your giving and receiving.

To add the Chrome extension, first, go to this link.

In the top right of the main window, you'll want to click the prompt to 'ADD TO CHROME' 

Next, you'll see a small prompt appear near the top of your browser asking if you really want to add Motivosity. You know you want to, so click Add Extension.

From there, you may or may not notice, but a small little MV square will show up next to your other Chrome extensions. Give that a push and you'll have the ability to start the login process.

Your company may support SSO, if that's the case, you'll want to enter your address ex:

If your company doesn't support it or you don't know the address, don't fret - you can still log in using the default

After inputting your login credentials you'll be greeted with a baby version of Motivosity that allows you to easily give appreciations while surfing the web and watching epic fail compilations on YouTube.

Similar to in-app appreciations, you can search for peers, leave a thank you, and link that thanks to a company value. After that, it's just up to you to decide how much, using what money, and if you want it to be private or not.

Submit that appreciation!

Force Delete User Function

When you delete a user, their account will continue to exist for three days in the Deleted User Report found on the Insights page of your administrator account.

Sometimes you really just need a user gone forever NOW!

If that's the case, go to that Deleted User Report found on the left side of your Insights page.  You should see something like this.

Press that red Force Delete button but be warned, if you go through with this, it is non-reversible! 

Just to double check, you'll be prompted to confirm the action. If you press yes, they'll be gone for good.

Can I know what someone has received?

If you are an admin in Motivosity, there are a couple ways to see what people have received.

The first is to look at their profile and click on the 'Receiving' tab. This tab lists all of the person's recognitions received over time.

The second way is to go to the 'Cash Received Summary' report in the 'Insight -> Reports' section. In here you can choose a date range, the person's name, etc. In this report, if you click on the person's name you will be taken to the 'Cash Received Details' report which shows all of the components of that total.

Giving People More Cash

On the home page in the top right corner, to the right of your profile picture there will be a triangle, you need to click on it.
When you click on the triangle it should look like the attached image.

Click 'Admin Tools' then under 'Appreciation' click 'Add Cash Giving'

When adding cash, the number you enter into 'Add Amount' will add on to what that person can already give.
For example, If that person can give $50 and you want them to be able to give $60, the number you enter into  would be $10. This is shown in the image below.

The Home Feed

Everything interesting shows up in the home feed. Appreciations, Badges, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Goal completions, Personality results, Interests, and Profile changes.

To control the scope of what you see, choose from the scope drop-down on the upper-right of the list. The options are:

  • Team - You, your direct reports, your peers, and your boss
  • Extended Team - You, your boss, your peers, your direct reports, and their direct reports
  • Department - Everyone in your department
  • Company - Everyone in the company

When you say thanks to someone, your note appears in this feed.

In addition to appearing here, people will receive an email with this content based on their e-mail preferences for Motivosity.

Satisfaction Survey

The satisfaction survey will appear 3-4 times/year for each person in Motivosity.

In the survey there are 4 standard benchmark questions. These questions are common across all companies and are used for anonymous comparison reporting (e.g. How is my company doing vs other companies?)

Unless you choose to make your own survey by questions. For further assistance please go to this page.

The survey itself is anonymous and there is no way to know which user recorded what score. However, results are grouped by department. If there are fewer than three people in a department, the results are attributed to a department called 'General'.

The survey results can be viewed on the 'Satisfaction Survey' dashboard in the 'Insight' section of the application. By going to 'Insight' then under column 'Dashboards'. Then click on 'Employee Satisfaction'.

On the bottom of the employee satisfaction page it will show you how many people have participated in the survey. Make sure you have the correct time period you desire on the top right of the screen. (Where it says 'showing results for').

The Leaderboard

The points in the leaderboard come from user activity. 250 points for filling out the satisfaction survey, 150 points for receiving a recognition or a badge, 50 points for giving a recognition or a badge.

The leaderboard is just there to let you know who the star givers and receivers are in the organization. The points in the leaderboard are not reward dollars, they are just a measure of activity.

There are two sets of numbers in the leaderboard: Month-to-date and Year-to-date. They reset at the beginning of each month and year respectively.

If you would like to be able to see the top givers and receivers. Go to Insight then under 'Dashboards' click on 'Top Givers and Receivers'.