Bulk Appreciations

The Bulk Appreciations feature is only for admins and can be found in their Admin Tools. This feature allows admins to send a PRIVATE appreciation from the company for each user of the company as shown below.

You can also filter this to just give the appreciation to a specific country so that only all the users in that country get the appreciation. The appreciation will appear in the Receiving reports as 'Adjustments'.

WARNING: The only way to undo this action is to manually delete the private appreciations for these users or do a global negative adjustment. So double check everything before clicking 'Give Now'.

Last Thanked Widget Update

The 'Last Thanked By You' widget found on the right sidebar of the home page is very useful in making sure you keep up with thanking your direct reports and peers.

Those without Direct Reports will only have the 'Your Peers and Boss' widget. The red plus sign means you haven't thanked that user in awhile. Clicking the plus sign will automatically open up the appreciation tab with that user as the receiver of the appreciation.

A key part of this widget is the part where managers can see the percentage of their direct reports they have thanked this month. As you can see, Leslie has thanked 1 of her 2 direct reports or 50%. This percentage is the same as the data that shows up in the Manager Coverage dashboard in the Insight tab.

For those with many direct reports or peers you will be able to scroll through them as to not clog up the sidebar.

Manager Coverage Dashboard

The Manager Coverage Dashboard will give you an overview of manager's eNPS scores and the percentage of their team appreciated. Admin's and managers (those with direct reports) have access to this dashboard in the Insight tab. Managers will be able to view the data for themselves and downward, while Admin's will be able to view all company data.

When you click on a managers name it will expand to show any managers below them. Each color represents a different score based off the scoring breakdown in the top left corner.

Manager eNPS

A manager's eNPS score is the percentage of promoters subtracted by the percentage of detractors for your specified eNPS question in the survey. This dashboard will show a rolling 90-day capture of each managers score. This is why the default filter is 'Last 90 days'.

You can also change the filter to change the time period like any other report or dashboard, but just remember that any date range you choose it will show the data for the date you chose and the previous 90 days. For example, the current month is October and you want to change the filter to last month. The data will show the eNPS score for the combined data from September, August, and July. This is to ensure there is enough data to provide a good sample size

Manager Appreciation

The Manager Appreciation part of this dashboard will show each manager and what percentage of their team they have thanked within the last 30 days.



Sound In

The Sound in feature can be found in the top right corner of the Home page. Each time you are on the Home page you will see the below question asking you "How are you feeling about work?". Your answers are anonymous.

After choosing the emoji that appropriately describes how you feel about work, you will then see the results screen seen below.

The results screen will show your data points over the last week. The blue and green straight lines represent the averages for your department and company. When you click the Department or Company circles you will see the average data points overtime for your Department and Company. You also have the option to expand the results by clicking on the graph.

This dashboard can be very useful in getting quick results about satisfaction at work.


New Local Rewards Functionality

Added functionality as been added to local rewards. You can now decide whether to track inventory as well as set variable pricing. The screenshot shows an overview of what it will look like when you go to create a local store item.

Tracking Inventory

When you click 'Yes' to tracking inventory the quantity box will show up and you can type in how much of that item you have in your inventory. When the quantity reaches 0 this item will be removed from the store until you update the quantity. If you don't want to track inventory on an item then you can click 'No' and the quantity box will go away. This will keep the item in the store at all times.

Fixed and Variable Pricing

With the fixed pricing option you will be able to add multiple pricing options by clicking 'add more options'. This would be useful if you have multiple restaurant gift cards for different prices. Instead of making multiple store items you can make one with this feature.

In the store, this item will have a drop down box that shows the different prices as shown below.

When you click the 'Variable Price' option you will be shown the fields below. You will be able to set a min and a max price as well as the item description.

When a user goes to purchase this item from the store they will have to enter an amount between your min and max price that you set. If a user tries to click buy now with an amount that is below or above your min or max then they will be prompted to enter an amount between your min and max.


New Award Setup

The awards functionality has expanded and improved. An overview can be seen below of the award setup.

The most notable additions are setting country or department limits as well as adding monthly, quarterly, or yearly budgets to gifts.


There are options for having money or local gift items attached to the award. When you select money to be attached, you will have the option to set a monthly, quarterly, or yearly budget schedule and set a max for the budget. Managers do not have the option to create an award from the central budget.

You can also see that you can attach a local store item to the award by searching the name of the local store item.


Limits can be set for country or department by clicking the drop down box for country or typing in the name of the department. This can be useful if managers or department heads want to create an award only for their teams.

New Survey structure and dashboard

Surveys are now based off of a Net Promoter Score. eNPS, or 'Employee NPS' is a well researched method that measures employee loyalty. The new surveys will be based off of a 10-point scale that will put employees into three categories: Promoters(9 or 10), Passives(7 or 8), or Detractors(6 and below).

Below is an example of what the standard survey will look like when users take it. Users will now be able to make anonymous comments at the bottom of the survey. A 'Survey Comments Report' will allow you to review specific comments coming from surveys. The surveys are still anonymous, but department and country information is still available.

You can also customize the survey to your specific wants in the 'Setup' tab.

The short label is a one or two word label for each of your custom questions. This short label will be used for reporting in the 'Insights' tab. You can also choose which question you would like to represent your eNPS score. Your eNPS question will be used for data in the 'Employee Satisfaction' dashboard (seen below).

The new Surveys dashboard will show the percentage of promoters, passives, and detractors there are for each survey question as well as highlighting your eNPS question in the top left dashboard. You will also see the percentages over the past four quarters. A green number means that you improved over the last quarter, not the benchmark. Likewise, a red number means your percentage is worse than the previous quarter. The benchmark numbers are based off of Gallops industry benchmark numbers.

This dashboard is available to managers(those with direct reports, but it will only display data for themselves and everyone beneath them. Leaders(those with direct reports in the top 4 tiers of the org chart) will have full access to all the company data for eNPS.

This useful dashboard will also highlight the number and percentage of users that have completed the survey. This is also narrowed to participation by department.


Manage Cash

The Manage Cash page allows admins to make adjustments to both the giving and spending balances throughout the company or for individual users. This page is found by going to your Admin Tools. There are 5 main functions that you can do on this page(Global Giving, Global Spending, Individual Giving, Individual Spending, and Match Rules). We will highlight each function and how to use it.

Global Balances

Here you can make adjustments to the give or spend balances of every user. The number that you put in will be applied to all of the users balances. Only a positive number can be put for Global Giving and Spending. This can be useful if you want everyone in your company to start off with $5 to spend or if you want everyone to receive a $100 Christmas bonus.

Individual Balances

By typing in the name of a user you can make adjustments to their giving or spending balance. Putting a positive number will add to the selected balance and a negative number will take away money from the selected balance. The note and adjustment that you make will appear in the users ‘My History’ tab under ‘Cash’. This tool can be useful when a specific user wants more cash to give or you want to give an individual a special cash bonus that is outside the scope of a normal appreciation.

Match Rules

Clicking the Match Rules button will update the current giving rules to match what you set up in the Peer-to-Peer Giving page of Setup.

BambooHR Integration Setup

Setting Up Motivosity with BambooHR

Step 1: In Motivosity go to Setup->Integration. Click on the ‘Create BambooHR Webhook URL’. This will do two things: 1) Create an authorized Bamboo HR access token in the ‘API Authorizations’ list and 2) Generate a URL that you will copy and paste into the Bamboo Webhook Settings area.

Step 2: In Bamboo->Settings->Account->Webhooks, click on ‘Add Webhook’

Step 3: Name the webhook and choose the following fields to monitor:

Step 4: Choose the following fields to post:

  • Employee #
  • Status
  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Last Name
  • Preferred Name
  • Birth Date
  • Work Phone
  • Work Email
  • Hire Date
  • Department
  • Location
  • Job Title
  • Country
  • Supervisor ID
Step 5: Choose 'JSON' as the format

Step 6: Paste the URL from Motivosity Setup->Integration->BambooHR into the 'Post to URL' field.

Step 7: Decide on frequency. We recommend choosing '6pm' under 'Hour'. This will cause data to be synchronized every day at 6pm.

Dealing with future hires

If you don't want a future hire to sync into Motivosity yet, just don't enter their email address into Bamboo until their hire date.

Configuring and Using the Motivosity Google Chrome Extension

Now that your Motivosity account is up and running, there are some sweet things you can do to enjoy and streamline your giving and receiving.

To add the Chrome extension, first, go to this link.

In the top right of the main window, you'll want to click the prompt to 'ADD TO CHROME' 

Next, you'll see a small prompt appear near the top of your browser asking if you really want to add Motivosity. You know you want to, so click Add Extension.

From there, you may or may not notice, but a small little MV square will show up next to your other Chrome extensions. Give that a push and you'll have the ability to start the login process.

Your company may support SSO, if that's the case, you'll want to enter your address ex: company.motivosity.com

If your company doesn't support it or you don't know the address, don't fret - you can still log in using the default app.motivosity.com

After inputting your login credentials you'll be greeted with a baby version of Motivosity that allows you to easily give appreciations while surfing the web and watching epic fail compilations on YouTube.

Similar to in-app appreciations, you can search for peers, leave a thank you, and link that thanks to a company value. After that, it's just up to you to decide how much, using what money, and if you want it to be private or not.

Submit that appreciation!