Awards are another way to drive your unique culture through the organization.

On the 'Awards' page, you can see a list of badges you award (if any). When you award a badge, you will be reminded by an e-mail when it's time to give that award out.

When an award has a red 'Give Now' button, it means its overdue - it's been longer than the last time you gave it compared to the award schedule.

Clicking on an award in the company awards section will show the recent list of recipients over on the right.

Upload any photo to an award and it will automatically re-size. The correct size is 200 x 128.

Who can create awards?

Admins and Managers (people with one or more direct reports) can create awards with a few key differences.

  • An admin can create an award that pulls money from a central budget. A manager can create an award that pulls money only from his or her own giving bucket.
  • An admin can set someone else up as the award owner, a manager can only have themselves be the award owner.


The 'How many times per year...' limitation applies to each individual who receives the badge. If you give a badge to 10 people all at the same time, it counts toward 10 of the limit. A limit of 0 is the same as unlimited.