Transitioning to Internal Funding via Motivosity ACH

There is currently a transitioning period going on for how you can fund your Motivosity store. We are transitioning from funding via Tango to being able to fund internally in Motivosity. This is why you may be seeing a 'Tango Balance' and an 'E-Gift Rewards Balance' in your 'Funding' page.

What is the difference between the two balances?

Tango Balance: This is the amount of money left in your Tango account. This is the old process that the store was funded on.

E-Gift Rewards Balance: This is your new balance via funding in the Motivosity platform.

When a user redeems a card in the store it will first be pulled from the Tango Balance. When your Tango Balance reaches 0, the system will automatically start pulling from your E-Gift Rewards Balance.

You are more than welcome to keep funding via Tango, but we believe the new process is a lot easier as you do not have to contact Tango to fund your store.

To add funds to the new E-Gift Rewards Balance you need to add a credit card or bank account under the 'Funding Sources' header.




Once you have a credit card or bank account in the system you can add funds to the E-Gift Rewards Balance by clicking the blue money sign button.

Mulit-Factor Authentication (MFA)

As an admin, certain actions in Motivosity will require a MFA password. You can create or change your MFA password in the Preferences page in the Setup tab.


One such function that requires your MFA password is adding a credit card or bank account into Motivosity. When you click on one of these functions, you will be prompted to enter your password. Once you enter your password correctly, you will see a timer at the top of the page(see screenshot below) that tells you how much time is left on your MFA token. Once the timer ends you will need to re-enter your MFA password before completing any function that requires the MFA password.

To change your MFA password you will need to type in your current MFA password before setting a new one. This password is very important, so make sure to remember it!



BambooHR Integration Setup

Setting Up Motivosity with BambooHR

Step 1: In Motivosity go to Setup->Integration. Click on the ‘Create BambooHR Webhook URL’. This will do two things: 1) Create an authorized Bamboo HR access token in the ‘API Authorizations’ list and 2) Generate a URL that you will copy and paste into the Bamboo Webhook Settings area.

Step 2: In Bamboo->Settings->Account->Webhooks, click on ‘Add Webhook’

Step 3: Name the webhook and choose the following fields to monitor:

Step 4: Choosing the following fields to post:

Personal, Employee #, Status, First Name, Last Name, Preferred, Name, Birth Date, Work Phone, Work Email, Hire Date, Job, Department, Location, Job Title, Country, Supervisor EID, Supervisor ID

Step 5: Choose 'JSON' as the format

Step 6: Paste the URL from Motivosity Setup->Integration->BambooHR into the 'Post to URL' field.

Step 7: Decide on frequency. We recommend choosing '6pm' under 'Hour'. This will cause data to be synchronized every day at 6pm.