Preferences Setup


Where is Preferences?

After you log in to your account click on 'Setup'. It is located at the top of the page. Underneath 'Motivosity Setup' on the left hand side of the page there is a category called 'Preferences Setup'. Number 9 on the list, click on it. You now have the option to customize the way Motivosity looks to make it appeal most to you.

Application Interface 

Here you can change the Logo Image. It will change when you log in.

Email Template

Here you can change how motivosity appears to email recipients. You can, if you would like, change the logo image here as well.

Approved Domains

This is a list of email domains that are allowed to place orders in your company. Make sure that the email domains are separated by commas.


Motivosity Point of Contact

This is for whoever is responsible for and maintaining Motivosity in your company. Just type their name into the box and when it comes up click their (or your) profile.


If you click the check mark. You will be given a public Url for people to look at your org chart browser, profile progress bar, and other public-display information. This will make it so that others can see the information you can see on the website. However it will only show the public information. It will not share any private information. This will also allow someone who would like to see where an employee stands in your company to do so through the Org Chart.