Funding Your Store

Adding a payment method for the 'eGifts':

There are two different ways you can fund your account. The first is via ACH, which is what we recommend because it allows you to have dollar for dollar rewarding and spending inside the application.

In the image above, you can see in light grey the instructions for ACH setup. There will be an identifier that you'll need to send in an email to they'll take it from there and you'll be up and running in no time!

The second method is via credit card. This might be a little easier, but in the long run also more costly because those big shot card companies want a cut of your money too.

Motivosity does not store credit card numbers, so when adding a card to Motivosity a behind-the-scenes account with Tango is created and they send us a card identifier to use in the future.

If you choose to use a credit card, you'll be met with the typical fields for card payments.

Keep in mind that once you add a card, it takes 24-hours to fund.

If you wish to manually add a deposit at any time, click the dollar icon by the card and enter the amount.

You'll see in the add card dialog an option for an auto-fund amount. If you choose the auto-fund option, Motivosity will check on your Tango balance daily and follow the rules you set up.

Auto-funding currently is unavailable for ACH transfers, but you'll notice below the ability to request a 'Balance Warning' notification once your balance reaches a certain level. This will function only if no credit card auto-funding rules are in effect. (So you don't get confused) We recommend enabling this if you are using ACH.