Transitioning to Internal Funding via Motivosity ACH

There is currently a transitioning period going on for how you can fund your Motivosity store. We are transitioning from funding via Tango to being able to fund internally in Motivosity. This is why you may be seeing a 'Tango Balance' and an 'E-Gift Rewards Balance' in your 'Funding' page.

What is the difference between the two balances?

Tango Balance: This is the amount of money left in your Tango account. This is the old process that the store was funded on.

E-Gift Rewards Balance: This is your new balance via funding in the Motivosity platform.

When a user redeems a card in the store it will first be pulled from the Tango Balance. When your Tango Balance reaches 0, the system will automatically start pulling from your E-Gift Rewards Balance.

You are more than welcome to keep funding via Tango, but we believe the new process is a lot easier as you do not have to contact Tango to fund your store.

To add funds to the new E-Gift Rewards Balance you need to add a credit card or bank account under the 'Funding Sources' header.




Once you have a credit card or bank account in the system you can add funds to the E-Gift Rewards Balance by clicking the blue money sign button.