Using the Motivosity Staging Environment

When using and setting up Motivosity, there might be times where you want to try something out without actually affecting your live data.

We've got just the tool for you! will allow you to give appreciations, upload your team data, and play around with any other aspect of the Motivosity system in a non-destructive manner that will reset each night based on where the live system left off that day.

If your domain is you can use

If you are testing APIs, the URL is now Please note that you can test SSO on sandbox by building a configuration that returns to while on the sandbox site.

Some things to note:

For the most part, the sandbox looks and functions exactly like the live system. However, you will not be able to make purchases in the store in the sandbox. You will also not be able to see profile pictures/background photos, but will see default icons instead. Remember, everything you do in the sandbox will reset overnight, so any testing you do, you'll want to ensure is done within a day.