Benchmark Dashboard

We are happy to announce the new benchmarking dashboard. This dashboard will compare your culture drivers with other peer companies and tell you where your company fits.

The Benchmark Dashboard has two main categories: Activity and Engagement and Satisfaction.

Underneath Activity there are two categories:

  1. Appreciations Per Person - this is how many appreciations, on average, each person received in your company last month. A goal of 2.5 is recommended
  2. % Receiving Thanks - this is the percentage of people who received a thanks in your organization last month. A goal of 85% is recommended.

Underneath Engagement and Satisfaction there are six categories: These questions are based off of the survey that the users are asked to fill out 3/4 times a year.

  1. Appreciation last 7 days - Survey Question 1
  2. My Boss Cares - Survey Question 2
  3. Friend at work - Survey Question 3
  4. Loyalty to the company - Survey Question 4
  5. Company Referability - Survey Question 5
  6. Agree with company values - Survey Question 6

The dashboard itself contains comparison low score, high score, average score, your score, your percentile, and the target. Share this with your exec teams and let us know your interest in additional benchmarks.